An Ounce of Prevention Can Protect Your Identity

[Identity Protection]

Your personal information is important to you. Or is it? It should be and you should want to protect it. But what exactly should you want to protect and what are you protecting it from? And how do you protect it? Do you really need to worry about it? And if so, can’t you just pay a service to do it for you?

Lots of questions and even more answers.  Like noses, everybody’s got an answer…or at least an opinion…and, yes, they all smell!  But some smell better than others.  Get a whiff of these tips…

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Don’t Take the Bait! Avoid “Phishing” Lures to Protect Your Identity


So my wife asked me the other day, “Why are we getting this?” She was referring to an email we received that said, “Your Federal Tax Payment ID: 9387589 is failed.” I could see she was a little concerned and wanted to resolve it right away. And that’s exactly what they want. That’s how they get ya! Get an unsuspecting but otherwise conscientious person, who has their stuff together, to respond quickly without questioning or verifying things. They just want to address it and get it resolved. Normally that’s a good thing. [Read More…]

Are You Raising a Cyberbully?


Cyberbullies Can Strike Anywhere
There’s Digital Media
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If you have a preadolescent, moody, hormonal kid, also known as a teenager, pre-teen, or “tween”, you should be aware of cyberbullying. In our digital, mobile, and social world, cyberbullying is a very real issue and a concern for parents.  Cyberbullying is much more than just a modern version of the good-old-fashioned schoolyard bullying.  In general, “cyberbullying” is the term used to describe online activities between minors that can range anywhere from text messages of a teasing nature, to digital harassment, and even threats of physical harm.  Usually it’s deliberate and repeated behavior with the intent of causing physical, psychological, or emotional harm to the victim by way of computers and cell phones. [Read More…]